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Vitamin B-12 and Graying What is The Connection

The Connection Between Vitamin B-12 and Graying

There are many reasons why people start to show gray hair sooner than others. And one of these culprits has to do with the repercussions of a vitamin B-12 deficiency. Your family doctor can diagnose this problem through a simple blood test, and you. Should never take it upon yourself to start using B-12 supplements without first having a thorough examination. In order to help you understand the importance of B-12 in maintaining healthy hair. And preventing premature graying, you must first learn the basics when it comes to this vital nutrient.

Vitamin B-12: The Facts

Vitamin B-12 is most often found in supplements, certain medications, and food. You get the daily recommended requirement of vitamin B-12 by consuming animal and dairy products. And this vitamin is crucial for proper red blood cell formation and brain function. When your body is lacking in B-12, this will result in a medical condition known as anemia. Which can cause headaches, irregular heartbeat, constipation, a lapse in memory – and yes, even premature graying hair?

Even though some graying is expected when we grow older. A vast depletion of B-12 can further exacerbate the graying process. Researchers in Sweden discovered that vitamin B-12 and folic acid. Could aid in the re-pigmentation (or natural coloring) of the hair and skin. Patients suffering from vitiligo – a condition that involves the loss of pigmentation. Were treated with healthy doses of B-12. And folic acid and re-pigmentation were noted in over 60% of those patients after a six-month period.

Gray Hair No More

So, at these studies have shown, re-pigmentation is, in fact, a possibility. But the proper amount of nutrients must be attained for the process to be a success. According to leading dietary health professionals. One of the best ways to achieve the right amount of B-12. Is to indulge in a diet rich in shellfish, liver, and other organ meats. Poultry, milk, red meats, eggs, and dairy products are also great sources of B-12. Although plant-based foods are wonderful. For optimum health, they do not absorb B-12 into the body as readily as animal products do.