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Advantages and benefits of Hair Coloring

For a wide variety of the female population,¬†hair coloring is a common occurrence with growing older. Often it’s based on the stigma that women ought to retain a youthful appearance so that they can advance in their professions and private life. But for most it is simply a means to sustaining a healthy self-esteem.

The same goes for men too. Not only are men breaking barriers by partaking in what used to be considered female-only ventures. Like manicures and pedicures, but also they are saying goodbye to the ill-perceived notion that men should grow old gracefully and embrace their gray. Hair coloring is no longer a woman’s playing field. Men are getting in the game too.


The four most popular reasons for hair coloring

Below is a more in-depth look at why men and women choose to color their hair.

1. Youthful appearance.

Going gray is a natural part of growing older. But that doesn’t make it any easier for people who feel self-conscious over their age. Most people view gray hair as a semblance of lost youth and vitality. Which can be detrimental when it comes to maintaining a healthy self-esteem.

2. Attractive appearance.

The vast majority of men and women start seeing gray hair in their late thirties to early forties. This is also the time most people begin experimenting with hair coloring. Why? Because it makes them feel younger, more attractive, and gives their ego a much-needed boost.

3. Combating discrimination.

Many women and men in the workforce feel as if they are being discriminated against. Because of their age. This is especially true when an older man or woman is highly qualified for a potential job prospect. But in the end a much younger person is chosen for the position. Despite their obvious lack of experience. Society has placed a burden on the older generation by letting youth reign as the ultimate deciding factor. For this reason alone, it’s not uncommon for both sexes to take matters into their own hands. To gain a more youthful appearance, such as with hair coloring and even plastic surgery. In more extreme cases. Although it might seem radical to others, for some men and women, discrimination is a legitimate fear.

4. Personal preference.

Some men and women color their gray hair for the simple fact that they can. If a man has dyed his gray roots blond for many years. Then chances are he will continue doing it because it makes him feel good about himself. And so will a woman. And really, there’s no harm in that.

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Managing Gray Hair

Managing Gray Hair-Tips for managing gray hair for men/women

 Managing Gray Hair Causes

Managing gray hair doesn’t have to be a multi-faceted job. Employing these easy tips, you are ensuring the health and beauty of your hair for many years.

Hair styling Tips for Gray Hair

1. Conditioning regularly is needed for managing gray hair, since it has the tendency to be very coarse. Leave-in conditioners work wonders with regards to softening the feel of gray hair, plus its great for decreasing the risk of damage since it creates a screen between your hair and harsh environmental toxins.

2. Chances are if your hair is susceptible to having a yellowish tint, use a shampoo having a blue base that is created for gray hair to keep your tendrils from looking dull and brassy.

3. Avoid abusing styling tools. Overexposure to heat often makes your hair dry and very brittle. In case you must use a flat iron or curling iron, make every effort to deep condition your hair every other week.

4. Highlights or foils have come to be more popular with women who wants to add a little pizzazz to their hairstyle. Mixing blonde highlights with gray hair is a creative way to alter your style without going crazy. Lowlights are wonderful and they can help soften features when applied around the face. For best results, visit a salon, because this procedure can often be tricky.

Supplements for Managing Gray Hair

5. Consider using a supplement, such as Biotin, that has been shown to assist with new hair growth and vitality. A diet rich in minerals and vitamins will also help toward maintaining hair health.

6. If you are in the process of growing out your gray, get regular trims from a professional. By strategically trimming the old color from your hair, this will help to make the change to full-out gray much better. And avoid geometric cuts, as these types will make you look older.

7. Simply because you’ve chosen to display your gray hair doesn’t suggest you have to say goodbye to hair coloring. Permanent color is great for helping the and quality of hair, and there some beautiful gray shades available to select from. Just be sure you avoid colors which might be two shades darker than your original color or else it will look unnatural.

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